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You can make a difference

Updated: Mar 17

It is uncanny but believe me when I tell you its true. For some reason, God has made it possible to share with man the possibility of being a hero, being an answer to another's prayer, and then enjoying His reward for doing so. There is practically no downside to helping the helpless whenever you meet the opportunity. I invite you to partner with us at FAEMI, and sponsor one of our efforts to make the world a better place. Right from your phone or tablet or computer, while sitting in your living room, lying on your bed, or bored at your work desk, may be taking a minute from your TV when the annoying Ads come on, join the faith partnership members of FAEMI and bring God's loving brightness into the life of a child or struggling mother. One thing we do at FAEMI is keep you informed of where your every penny goes. All of it, 100% of all donations, go to the mission field and directly impacts a child's life, unless you specifically permit us to use any portion of it for administrative cost. What do you want to support: dig a borehole for potable water source for up to 5,000 people, feed hungry school children, build a school for orphaned girls, or empowering a struggling mother. Send me an email and I will personally reply. There is no limit to what good we can do when we are united in purpose.

Your partner-in-Christ,

Dr. Maria Osakwe President & Chair Board of Trustees

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